Largest Hatchery Planned for Kathua in J&K to Amplify Chicken Production

In a significant development for the India’s Jammu and Kashmir region, the district of Kathua is poised to become the epicenter of a major transformation in poultry production. The imminent establishment of the largest chicken hatchery, valued at a staggering Rs 5 crores, is anticipated to revolutionize the monthly output of chickens throughout the Jammu Division.

Official sources have disclosed that the forthcoming hatchery in Kathua will play a pivotal role as the primary generator of chicks, employing a low-tech system aimed at augmenting both egg and meat production in the region. An estimated 25,000 to 30,000 chicks are expected to be produced on a monthly basis by the Animal Husbandry Department, marking a substantial leap in poultry output. The establishment of this ambitious project in Kathua is a strategic move by the department to bolster the poultry sector. With an estimated project cost of Rs five crores, the unit will be situated within the premises of the Animal Husbandry Department in Kathua, heralding a new era for the district.

Sources within the department have disclosed that the Kathua district is poised to receive exclusive benefits from the hatchery units. Moreover, this initiative is anticipated to create fresh employment opportunities for the local youth. In a bid to empower unemployed youth, the department is offering a 50 percent subsidy to those who undergo training and subsequently establish large-scale poultry and hatchery units. Accompanying the hatchery is a state-of-the-art feed mill, further enhancing the overall infrastructure. The monthly chicken production is slated for exportation to various parts of Jammu and Kashmir, contributing to the economic growth of the region. It is anticipated that the chicks produced through the low-tech system will not only elevate chicken production but also significantly boost egg production.

Emphasizing the multifaceted role of the hatchery unit, officials have highlighted its function as a training center for individuals associated with the poultry sector. This strategic approach aims to equip professionals with modern technologies, fostering the growth and modernization of their businesses. The establishment of the new hatchery unit falls under the ambit of the Animal Husbandry Department’s Upgradation and Strengthening of Poultry Hatchery Programme. Proponents of the project contend that it will adequately meet the local demand for eggs and meat, eliminating the need for importing chickens from neighboring states. Furthermore, the infusion of new employment opportunities is expected to catalyze socio-economic development on a large scale within the local community.

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