Poultry, Dairy & Feed News Point is a complete magazine on livestock and Feed. The magazine was launched with a purpose to cater the need of Poultry & livestock farming community by updating the newer technology available in India and Overseas in form of providing Technical Articles, News, Events and the Advertisements. By subscribing the PDF News Point one can be assured of getting comprehensive coverage of latest happening in these industries.

Makrand .K. VYAS
Master of Commerce from the University of Jodhpur was born on 8th December 1960. He started his carrier with ZENITH Papers – “a Division of Zenith Steel Pipes and Industries Limited”. In 1989, he joined Mohan Fibre Products Limited as a branch manager; He also worked as a Marketing Manager in a Netherland based multinational company “HUTAMAKI Van Leers”. In the year 1995 he started his own pulp egg tray manufacturing unit “Eastern Paper Mouldings Private Limited” in Andhra Pradesh. He started Hind Poultry, the monthly magazine in the year 2001 and has published over 50 titles on poultry Production, Processing, Disease Management, Livestock etc., for which he was awarded the Life Time Achievement Award from Govt. of India and also the International Leadership in Quality Award in Paris. M.K. Vyas had also visited several Poultry Facilities in Malaysia, Bangkok, Belgium, Germany, Nepal and France. He had also authored the book Glimpse of Indian Poultry Industry, Breeders Management Guide, Hand Book of Integration in Poultry, How to Start a Poultry Hatching Business. Mr. Vyas is an Executive Partner for Archana Publishing House and “Poultry Dairy & Feed News Point” magazine.

Shashank Purohit
Managing Partner of Archana Publishing House and Editor in Chief for ”Poultry Dairy & Feed News Point” magazine, Mr. Purohit was born on 14th April 1988.  He completed his Bachelors’ in Pharmacy from Rajasthan University of Health Sciences and Masters in Pharmaceutical Sciences & Drug Design, from JNU. He also did FICCI’s Intellectual Property Rights (IPR – Level 1) Certification with A Grade. Started his carrier as a Trainee scientist from Torrent Research Centre, Ahmedabad – India, laid the foundation of Archana Publishing House in the year 2014, which publishes the “Poultry Dairy & Feed News Point”. It is one of the widely circulated magazines on poultry and livestock. Archana Publishing House has also published nearly 60 titles on different subjects in poultry and livestock industry. Shashank Purohit has visited several poultry facilities in India and also in Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Malaysia, France, Germany, and Belgium.