Why you should not miss the SPACE 2023 this time, if you are a Poultry Professional

“Exploring 11 Unmissable Avian Advancements: Navigating ‘THE SPACE’ in Poultry Innovation” via Innove SPACE 2023:

  1. AVICARE UNIVERSEL by Avicare by Dile

AVICARE is an onboard disinfection system that acts on the wheels and the underbody of the vehicle to prevent the spread by road transport of livestock diseases (Avian Influenza, Salmonella, African Swine Fever, etc). Configuration, system control, traceability, program updating and maintenance use a mobile application available on Android smartphone/tablet coupled with a back office on a web pag


An in-line poultry evisceration machine to go even further in improving working conditions in slaughtering units.The FLEXEVI range has been extended with the arrival of the PEMOL function. The FLEXEVI PEMOL allows you to automate the evisceration of your poultry in line. The innovative tools, the FLEXEVI PEMOL cuts the vent for penetration of its suction tool which will suck the viscera of the poultry while keeping the heart, liver and gizzard.

3. CABI AIR by Cabi Group

Movable aviary quick to assemble, have designed a movable aviary made in kit, quick to assemble allowing poultry to access an outdoor course even in times of confinement and to protect themselves from the sun in summer if necessary. It is very mobile and moves according to needs easily. The aviary consists of a gable with a mesh door. The width of the gable can be adapted to the width of the building on which it is leaning.

4. PROLARVAE by Dilepix

An Automatic counting of black soldier flies larvae The global challenge of importing proteins for animal feed places intense pressure on natural resources, causing deforestation and depleting fish stocks. Faced with this environmental crisis, Europe stands out by authorizing the use of insect-derived processed animal proteins (PAPs), particularly black soldier fly larvae (Hermetia illucens). These larvae offer a promising solution, with high protein content and reduced environmental impact. They substitute for fishmeal and soy, providing essential amino acids for farmed fish and complementing the feed of poultry and pigs. However, this emerging sector faces a major challenge: quality control. Previously done manually, inspecting hundreds of millimeter-sized larvae is a tedious task.

5. TANACARE by Elevage Services

TANACARE® is the first mannequin intended to teach humane cervical dislocation of poultry. Created specifically to learn manual euthanasia of poultry and it helps to avoid any inexperienced gesture on a living animal. This tool brings undeniable progress in terms of animal welfare. It teaches and allows us to memorize a simple, fast and 100% effective gesture. It has a mechanism that promotes gesture repetition and proprioception. It is much more useful than a simple description of euthanizing and improves the precision and efficiency of the gesture. With TANACARE® the handling is ergonomic without unnecessary torsion for the breeder or poultry. Its reproduction of dislocation develops the necessary sensitivity to adapt to any type of poultry up to 3 kgs. Convenient for practicing anywhere in the field or classroom with a group. This new tool permits an open, comprehensive and humane dialogue to improve breeding.


Fancom offers a new wind hood system for poultry houses, the FANTURA wind hood which stands out for its innovative design in total break with the existing wind hood systems. Through this new principle of air intake management, the influence of the wind is divided up to 3 times, which translates into an almost total cancellation of the effects of the wind. The efficiency of the FANTURA wind hood therefore makes it possible to calculate the number of air inlet for a poultry house without taking into account the pressure losses inherent in traditional wind hood systems. The use of (CFD) computational fluid dynamic software and a blowing tunnel allowed Fancom to design the FANTURA wind hood that allows wind to escape through the side vents thus avoiding pressurising the building. This also translates into better management of the atmosphere and better financial results for the breeder. The FANTURA wind hood is made of polypropylene and the protection grids are clipped for easy disassembly and maintenance.


ALTERNATIVE SOLUTION AGAINST EIMERIA AND CLOSTRIDIA RISK IN POULTRY : Various studies have demonstrated the effectiveness of certain bioactives (in particular essential oils and plant extracts) on bacteria and parasites. In collaboration with INRAE, this study demonstrated the action of FORCIX PY’s components on different stages of the Eimeria cycle, with no effect on epithelial cells, by measuring the effectiveness/toxicity ratio of each ingredient tested. FORCIX PY benefits from IDENA’s proprietary ECHV technology. IDENA has studied the synergies and antagonisms between different bioactives on bacteria from pig and poultry farms.

8. OPTIM’AL by Institut De Lelevage

As part of the Cap Protéines national program, Optim’Al has been updated with the new features of the INRA 2018 system and incorporates constraints on protein dependence during its optimization calculation. This new version is available online in an intuitive and easy-to-use web application. The user first enters the characteristics of the target animal, then he lists the feeds he wishes to include in the optimization calculation. The characteristics of the foods are managed in a specific table of the tool allowing to work with predefined foods or with personalized foods. The user can manage MINI and MAXI incorporation constraints according to technical, economic and protein autonomy objectives. Following a calculation, the tool offers the least expensive and/or most autonomous ration to meet the needs of the target animal. Finally, it allows, for foods not retained in fine, to calculate the prices of interest in the context tested.


CONSTANT PRESSURE SPRAY AND GEL HATCHERY CABINET FOR DAY-OLD CHICKS:  Spray in at the hatchery is a robust, repeatable and controllable process. It is a widespread method to vaccinate broiler chicks and day-old pullets and prevent several major diseases. MIDHAS is a new generation device, using a unique constant pressure spray and gel nebulization technology, instead of traditional mechanisms with syringes and pistons. This innovative method, registered by MSD Animal Health, is combined with a PLC control and optimized design, offers high reliability, reduces maintenance operations and checkpoints, and provides greater flexibility as the same time as respecting vaccine solutions. MIDHAS’ ergonomic design enables hatcheries of different configurations to respond to a wide range of demands, for efficient and adaptable vaccination, optimized organization and simplified work.


FARM PACKER ROBOT AND EGG PALETTISATION IN 30-EGG TRAYS The packerpal allows, thanks to a single robot, to collect and palletise eggs in 30-egg trays (plastic packaging, pallets of 10,800 eggs, capacity 16,000 eggs/hr). The eggs are conveyed in goblets to be sucked 30 by 30 by suction cups. The empty trays are put down by the operator. The robotic arm, after aspiration of the 30 eggs, positions itself above the stacks of trays and, with specific hooks, recovers the empty tray, positions it on the pallet then deposits the eggs in the tray. 6 successive levels of full trays are built. At each level, the robotic arm takes 1 divider and places it on the pallet. The interest of this solution rely on a single robotic arm with 4 functions (egg tray, divider picking and tray palletising) instead of setting up 1 farm packer, 1 empty tray destacker, 1 tray stacker and 1 palletiser. This is also an economic advantage for the breeder, who needs to equip himself with a single piece of equipment to collect and palletise the eggs alone for a lower investment compared to the purchase of a set of machines. Also, the energy consumption remains below the consumption of a set of 4 machines.

11. HYBAG by Schippers France

SAFER SOLUTION FOR DETERGENT AND DISINFECTION APPLICATION:  The HyBag solution is a complete solution allowing precise and secure dosing of hygiene products in livestock farming while guaranteeing optimal foam quality. The solution is made up of different elements: – a foam lance developed by the company MS Schippers to accommodate flexible bags of detergent or disinfectant – flexible bags of MS MegaDes disinfectant , MS TopFoam detergent MS TopFoam Animal shampoo, developed by MS Schippers.

SPACE 2023 will take place from Tuesday 12 to Thursday 14 September, at the Parc-Expo in Rennes, France.

Located in the heart of the France’s Grand Ouest region, SPACE is a driver of progress and innovation for the entire Poultry & Livestock sector. farmers and all participants meet, discuss their professions, discover new products, take part in conferences, attend animal competitions and presentations, visit and learn about the “Espace for the Future”, discuss on the “Youth Forum”…

The last edition in figures:

  • 1,200 exhibitors of all sectors: animal feed and nutrition, livestock farming equipment, livestock farming buildings, animal health, milking, genetics, organic agriculture, energy, aquaculture supplies.
  • more than 90,000 professional visitors.
  • more than 8,000 international visitors from 120 countries.
  • 750 bovine, sheep and goats.
  • 100 conferences and symposium.

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