“VICTAM & GRAPAS 2022”: What’s coming from the store of Trade Fair

In 2022, finally VICTAM & GRAPAS will organize events again. In 2022, they have multiple events (In person) in store for the audience & visitors.


After postponing the event of Victam Asia, now with the current vaccination programs all over the world, exhibitors are positive that Victam’s world leading event can be organized again in September 2022. As many events were postponed the past two years, there will be a full agenda once events can take place again. To optimize the event for our exhibitors and visitors and trying to avoid conflicts with other events, Victam and VIV have decided to join forces: Victam Asia and Health & Nutrition Asia will be organized in co-location. The two events Victam Asia and Health & Nutrition Asia will be organized in co-location at the IMPACT Exhibition Center in Bangkok, Thailand from September 7 – 9, 2022.

The current situation is still not as optimal as it was estimated. Above all, the health of exhibitors and visitors and the successful outcome of the event are most important to the organizers. In light of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, which has forced the Royal Thai Government to implement new strict measures to control the spread of the pandemic, and the delays of the vaccination programs in several Asian countries, VICTAM and VIV do not see the opportunity to realize a large-scale event on the short term. Looking at the ongoing travel restrictions from and to Asia, the organizers also believe that it is not possible to guarantee the event quality as we know them for. The postponement to the third quarter of 2022 is in the interest of the whole industry.

The dates secured in September 2022 will give all stakeholders room to breathe and pay attention to other vital issues. The organizers’ mission is to present a strong, value-adding event to the industry with high benefits for all parties.

VICTAM International 2022; May 31 – June 2, 2022 at Utrecht, Netherlands

VICTAM International is by far the world’s largest dedicated event for the animal feed processing industries. Co-located with VICTAM International is GRAPAS Europe, the event for the grain, flour and rice processing industries and VIV Europe.

IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA, March 10-12 – Istanbul Expo Centre

PARANTEZ and VICTAM, event organizers for the grain and feed milling industries, have joined their success and expertise to organize the largest international event of the industry. The two companies which set out with the motto “International event of the grain and feed milling industry” aim to create a significant added value with this cooperation by bringing together all the components of the grain, feed and pulses sectors on a stronger and more extensive platform under the roof of IDMA AND VICTAM EMEA.

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