SPACE, an Essential showcase for Innovation in Livestock & Agriculture

SPACE, Rennes – France is always known for their innovative contribution to the Agri-Industry. This year, Tech’Agri Challenge 2023 is going to be the first edition of a competition initiated by Bretagne dévelopement Innovation, INNOZH and SPACE. It aims to encourage young people in training to reflect on concrete agricultural issues and to design technical solutions together to address these issues. Four groups of students from the agricultural and digital sectors will present the results of their projects at SPACE 2023. SPACE, a renowned showcase for innovation, is a natural partner for this competition dedicated to the new generation of farmers and livestock farmers.

SPACE has responded favourably to the request from INNOZH and Bretagne dévelopement Innovation to add the signature ‘by Innov’Space’ to this operation in order to promote innovation and research for livestock farmers among young people in training.

BDI and INNOZH have brought together 15 students from the agricultural and digital sectors to take part in the first edition of the Tech’Agri Challenge, a new innovation competition open to students in the agricultural and digital sectors.

“In agriculture and animal farming, we face challenges in terms of attractiveness and generational renewal. But also in terms of transforming our professions, to make them more attractive, to reduce strenuousness, to ensure fair compensation… This challenge is a great opportunity for young people in the agricultural sector to express their views on how they wish to work in the future.” said Christian Blandel, Head of the AGRETIC programme at BDI.

As an international exhibition dedicated to animal farming professionals, SPACE has teamed up with the first edition of this competition. The Tech’Agri Challenge follows on from Innov’Space but is aimed at young people in training. And so the Tech’Agri Challenge by Innov’Space was born. The 4 solutions developed during the competition will be exhibited during the three-day Exhibition, in a showroom dedicated to the competition. The winning team will be awarded a prize on the first day of SPACE, on 12 September, by a jury of professionals. For these students, SPACE will be an opportunity to engage directly with an audience of animal farming professionals and to put their solutions to the test in the context of a major exhibition.

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