Hy-Line: Investing in the future

A message from President Jonathan Cade

The egg industry is a dynamic industry. I am constantly reminded and impressed by the resilience and innovation of the industry, as egg producers are always faced with challenges. The rise of Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza over a wider range of the globe on the heels of the Covid pandemic has stretched producers to their limits. Welfare changes, as well as the drive for improved sustainabilty, sometimes at odds with each other, keep the industry “on its toes”.

At Hy-Line, we are committed to developing and producing the most well-balanced, productive, and profitable hens for the world’s egg producers, to help them to meet not only these challenges, but the new ones that are yet to come!

In this Innovations, we discuss customer success using Hy-Line’s W-80 variety in various parts of the world to meet market challenges. We highlight the renovation of a core hub hatchery, and how the investment is part of Hy-Line’s overall sustainability strategy. You’ll read about new investments in our research and development program in Mexico and India, part of Hy-Line’s approach to develop varieties for specific markets and housing systems. We also have exciting updates from Hy-Line’s China distribution partners, as their markets have reopened after three years of travel restrictions. Finally, we have strong results displayed by the Hy-Line Brown Max in the latest Czech Republic random sample test.

You have my commitment that Hy-Line will continue to invest in research and development, to continue to drive Hy-Line varieties toward improved efficiency with high productivity. We continue to develop balanced layers which adapt to all of the challenges that world markets will throw at the egg industry.

We are halfway through 2023, so we look forward to finishing the year strong, and to working with you all to overcome any obstacles we find in our path.

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