Early Stages of Dialogue: Poultry Stakeholders Consider Egg Exports to Russia from Namakkal, India

Poultry owners in Namakkal district are in the early stages of discussions about exporting eggs to Russia. The decrease in egg production in Russia due to the war with Ukraine and other factors has prompted considerations about importing eggs from other countries, including India. This presents an opportunity for Namakkal to explore potential exports to Russia.

Valsan Parameswaran, the secretary of the All India Poultry Products Exporters Association (AIPPEA), mentioned that talks with Russia are at a preliminary stage. Various aspects, such as trade policies, certification processes, quality standards, and terms and conditions, need to be thoroughly discussed and finalized. While recent information suggests improved egg production in Russia, it is too early to confirm if Namakkal eggs will be exported. Both the union and state governments are supporting poultry owners in exporting eggs abroad, and there is a demand for incentives due to the fluctuating egg prices.

In addressing concerns related to avian influenza, there has been a persistent request to designate Namakkal as an avian influenza disease-free zone. This designation would protect poultry owners from potential losses, especially if there is an outbreak of bird flu in any part of the country. Poultry owners are adhering to precautionary measures introduced by the government and the animal husbandry department.

It’s worth noting that Tamil Nadu is the second-largest producer of eggs in the country after Andhra Pradesh. Namakkal, in particular, leads in egg exports within India, with 95% of its table eggs being exported.

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