IDMA & Victam EMEA confirmed to take place in May

As the world cautiously attempts to retake momentum at the tail-end of the pandemic, Victam Corporation and Parantez Group are excited to announce that the IDMA and Victam EMEA exhibition and conference will be held from May 27th – 29th of 2021 at the Istanbul Expo Center in Istanbul, Turkey.
The decision to proceed was based on several factors, primarily the relative stability and positive forecasts of the Covid-19 situation in Turkey. Vaccination programs currently underway in several countries across the globe are expected to bring some global relief in the second quarter of this year. As such the Turkish government has allowed business events to proceed biding all measures are taken.
Uncertainty as to whether the event would take place, has led to hesitation amongst international exhibitors. Turkish companies however, are noticeably more positive and many have confirmed their participation. In spite of the global uncertainty, the event has sold over 5.000 square meters, surpassing its pre-pandemic expectation.
In light of the positive market reception and with the event three months away, we have created an alternative exhibition format for international companies keen on being present, yet unable to commit to travelling. We are offering a hybrid on-line/off-line presence which allows companies to exhibit with a fully-branded and equipped stand including a local bi-lingual host to welcome and connect visitors to the exhibiting team at the office via live-stream.
We are confident that this hybrid participation format will enable international exhibitors to tap into this market potential with the brand presence and personal contact with targeted industry contacts (via live-stream) that one is accustomed to at events, whilst not bearing risk. Exhibitors will be 100% refunded should the event not be able to take place at this date.
Throughout the challenging circumstances at present, we uphold our mission to present a strong and value-adding industry event with high benefits for all parties involved. The IDMA and Victam EMEA event is strongly supported by associations from Turkey and many other countries in the Middle East and North Africa.
The event will take place in accordance with the Turkish Covid-19 safety measures to ensure the safety of all participants.

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