Chr. Hansen Animal Health: Growing a customer-centric culture

Meet the team and discover how good bacteria in livestock farming can improve animal health and feed conversion 

Chr. Hansen, a 147-year-old globally leading bioscience company, has set out to grow a better world, naturally, through its sustainable solutions. Established in India in 2004, Chr. Hansen has now taken the decision to enter directly into the livestock sector in India with its innovative probiotic product portfolio for the poultry and dairy markets.

“Our focus is relentlessly on customer centricity,” says Edward Manchester, Chr. Hansen’s Head of Animal Health and Nutrition sales in APAC, in an interview with Poultry, Dairy and Feed Magazine.

Photo: Edward Manchester, Head of Sales APAC Animal Health and Nutrition, Chr. Hansen

“To that effect, since 2020, we have been working on strengthening the commercial infrastructure and capabilities,” he elaborates.

Expanding market reach andstrengthening local presence
Recruiting great employees is always important, not least in India where Chr. Hansen’s footprint is still limited, with a total of 40 staff. In 2021,Mr Rajan Seralathan, based in Coimbatore with more than 15years of poultry industry experience in India (previously from Biomin), joined as sales and business development manager of Chr. Hansen’s Animal Health and Nutrition unit.

On the team is also Bangalore-based Dr.Raghavendrakumar M, who joined Chr. Hansen in 2019 as National Sales Executive, with focus on silage inoculants and cattle DFM (direct fed microbials).

Photo: Rajan Seralathan, sales and business development manager, Chr. Hansen                                              
Photo: Raghavendrakumar M, nationalsales executive, Chr. Hansen  

With the expanded team, Chr. Hansen is well positioned to workcloser and better with distributors in India, strengtheningits local presence and technical support and enabling stronger local marketing execution, says Edward.

As part of the technical service offered, there will be increased focus on local product trials and data generation for customers. New application lab has been established in Singapore which provide different in-house lab serviceson process feed samples has given the advantages edge to Chr. Hansen.

Science-based probioticsfor poultry and cattle
Chr. Hansen Animal Health’s focus on the probiotic category, combined with a strong collaboration with universities and industry peers all over the world, has helped drive research and innovation. Together with 100 scientific publications, this has led to a leading position in the industry.

When it comes to poultry health and performance, little things make big difference. Microscopic things, to be precise. Good health starts in the gut, and gut health depends on a well-balanced microbiome. Chr. Hansen’sscience-based probiotic GalliPro® range for broilers, layers and breedershas been shown to supporta healthy intestinal function while limiting the growth of potentially harmful bacteria. By increasing digestive enzyme production, they also enhance the availability and absorption of feed nutrients. The strains in the company’s products are highly heat-stable, easy to use and compatible with a wide range of feed additives.

It’s said that we are what we eat. The same is true for cattle, where fresh, nutritious silage is key to ensuring optimum health and performance. Chr. Hansen’sSiloSolve®range contains unique strains of lactic acid bacteria.The science-based silage inoculant has been shown to enhance silage quality by improving fermentation, while inhibiting the growth of yeast and mold, and it is suitable to use in a wide range of crops and various crop conditions.

To improve a healthy digestive system and performance in dairy cattle, Bovacillus®has shown to increase enzymes secretion which helpsto break down fibre and improve digestibility. The product is a versatile probiotic that can be used in all type of feed application.

Driving positive chance through microbial solutions
“At Chr. Hansen we are uniquely positioned to drive positive change through microbial solutions. We are committed to enable sustainable agriculture, and as we continue to unlock the power of good bacteria to respond to worldwide challenges such as the overuse of antibiotics and pesticides, we are matching customer needs and global trends. In this way we put action behind our purpose, to grow a better world. Naturally,” concludes Dr Rajan Seralathan, sales and business development South Asia, Chr. Hansen Animal Health.

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