“Diversified mode of agriculture like Poultry & Cattle, and Fish farming will enhance the livelihood security of the villages in Manipur” : VC CAU

The Vice Chancellor of Central Agricultural University, Imphal, Dr. Anupam Mishra has mooted the idea of adopting the Maibam Kabui Village of Bishnupur district as a model village by the varsity. He made the above statement while speaking as the chief guest in a one day farmers training programme on the scientific rearing of pig for profitable income under AICRP on Cotton which was organized by the Directorate of Research, CAU, Imphal in collaboration with Saheed Madhumangal Foundation, Tera Keithel.

Saying that CAU, Imphal, Manipur; has a policy of making every college under the varsity adopting a model village each, the Vice Chancellor expressed his desire of making Maibam Kabui Village as one of the model villages. He added that the same village can also be developed as a satellite village to become exemplary in other parts of the State.

Stressing on the various aspects through which a village can be developed, Anupam Mishra said that the traditional knowledge of agriculture must be conserved and should be blended with the scientific knowledge for enhancing agricultural products. He opined that following a diversified mode of agriculture like cattle rearing, poultry farming and fish farming will enhance the livelihood security of the villagers. While urging the villagers to make the best use of the available land resource, the Vice Chancellor suggested that appropriate policy in this regard can be sorted out in consultation with the scientists in CAU, Imphal, Manipur – One of the seven sisters in Indian North -east state.

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