2022 Outlook – Message by Hy-line President, Jonathan Cade

A new year brings new opportunities – new waves of genetic progress, new growth in various markets, new customers to serve along with bolstering relationships with our loyal Hy-Line distributors . The previous year brought challenges with the continuation of the COVID pandemic, interruptions in our normal delivery channels to exports birds and tightening labor markets, to name a few. While these challenges were a very real part of the narrative of 2021, they have served to strengthen us and create new ways of doing business. I am optimistic that our industry in 2022 will continue to prove its resiliency to feed people around the world.

Lowering Our Carbon Footprint

We have evaluated the role of Hy-Line, as a layer genetics company, in efficiently using our planet’s resources. Throughout our organization, we strive to leave a better, more healthy planet for the next generations while helping to feed the world today. In fact, when comparing the Hy-Line layer of today versus the performance standards of the Hy-Line layers of 20 or 30 years ago, our genetic selections have naturally led to layers that have a lower carbon footprint while keeping our customers’ profitability as a priority. 

Overall, Hy-Line is boldly committed to the following:

  • People –We will feed more people economically to make egg protein even more accessible globally through production of prolific egg layers.
  • Planet – Hy-Line layers will continue to convert feed to egg mass more efficiently, reducing the feed and water resources required for egg production.
  • Profits – Hy-Line layers will create value through ever-improving productivity and efficiency, improving profitability due to reduced costs.

Promoting Profitability Advantage

We must deliver laying hens that are able to yield and even exceed the expected performance. The performance of Hy-Line layers is beating the competition to give our customers a profitability advantage relevant in their local markets.
Innovation and excellence are in our Hy-Line team DNA. We will continue to find ways to exceed the expectations and, above all, continue to accelerate our genetic progress across all our layer varieties to drive profitability for our customers.

As always, I wish you success and thank you for your trust.

Jonathan Cade

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