“Avian influenza vaccination and surveillance in Layers” paper launched by IEC

“The potential for vaccination to play a role in HPAI prevention and emergency management in layer hens has been discussed widely in recent months, as the global poultry industry continues to face unprecedented levels of avian influenza,” said Ben Dellaert, chair of the expert group, adding that the paper will support countries considering vaccination as an additional tool for prevention and emergency management of HPAI in layer hens, and to establish and implement a successful vaccination and surveillance strategy. Avian influenza | The constant threat of Avian influenza is an issue for poultry producers worldwide.

The International Egg Commission’s paper also explores how to conduct appropriate surveillance for infection within vaccinated flocks to allow for continued trade of poultry and poultry products as stipulated by the WOAH Terrestrial Animal Health Code.

“Alongside robust biosecurity, vaccination can be an important additional tool for preventing and managing HPAI,” said Dellaert.

The piece of document explained about 3 main versions on Vaccination: 1) Preventive vaccination 2) Emergency Vaccination 3) Routine Vaccination

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