Trouw Talks about Revolutionizing the Animal Nutrition: Bringing Next Generation in Mineral Nutrition and Phytogenics

After a hugely successful series last year, Trouw Nutrition India organized the first series of Trouw Talks for 2023.  The series included two seminars at Karnal on 20 March 2023 and in Hyderabad on 23 March 2023. Focusing on how innovations are a necessity to revolutionize the Animal Nutrition. It was a successful event witnessing the enthusiastic interactions from various Integrators, Consultants and Feed Millers.

The delegates were welcomed by Dr Rajeev Sharma, Regional Sales Manager – North India and Ms. Shilpi Agarwal, Brand Manager in Karnal and Hyderabad respectively. Post which Dr. Sachin Ingewar, Director-Feed Additives, and Dr. Chandani Parihar, Head – Marketing, took the audience through the journey of Trouw Nutrition and explained the need of technological interventions in today’s critical scenario and how innovation can sustainably Feed the Future amid growing population and depleting resources.

Keynote speaker, Dr. In-Sun Yu, Regional Program Manager – Trace Minerals, TN Global addressed the audience on the Next Generation of Mineral Nutrition. She discussed about the different form of minerals and the impact of bond strengths in various parameters. She further discussed about the innovative, next-generation Intellibond.  These hydroxy minerals are well known for their stability and bioavailability. Key Highlights from her presentation are:

  • To fulfill the nutritional requirement of trace mineral of animals, it is important to understand the biochemistry of minerals to balance the feeding level with amount of metal delivered in blood stream.
  • Different sources of mineral have different bioavailability which is based on the bonding structure.
  • Intellibond’s Optisize technology, a patented technology, ensures uniform blending, improved handling, non-hygroscopic, non-reactive particles for better stability, improved performance and results.
  • Intellibond is proven to give enhanced performance and better results in both layers and broilers.

Second Keynote speakers for the session were Mr. Melchior de Bruin <add designation> and Dr. Sangeeta Singh<add designation>. They addressed the audience about harnessing the power of plants and how latest developments in pytogenics can be used to improve the performance of animals. Key highlights from the presentation are:

  • Our new lens of phytogenics helps us to use phytotechnology to target the animal instead of pathogens since phytogens can only act on pathogens at a very high dose.
  • When selecting the right product and right phytogens, the complete knowledge of plants is important and so is the knowledge of various extraction method.
  • Quality control is essential for phytogenic product as variation can exist even within a plant.
  • Fytera Perform, our latest innovation, is the result of well documented research and careful selection that supports improved efficiency, body weight and carcass yield in broilers.

Session was followed by an interactive discussion and vote of thanks by Dr. Rajeev Sharma and Mr. Praveen Vangoor, Regional Sales Manager – South India, for the enthusiastic participation by all the attendees and insightful presentations by the panelists.

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