25th Anniversary of World Egg Day 2021 – Celebrations

Eggs for all – A nutrient goldmine!

Srinivasa Farms marked the celebrations of the 25th Anniversary of World Egg Day with various activities in the public domain & multiple campaigns running across the social media platforms to create awareness about the goodness of eggs.

The celebrities, health and fitness experts egg endorsement videos have garnered an incredible amount of engagement with likes and shares by the audience on social media platforms. The proteins contained within eggs are highly important in the development of the muscles the fitness enthusiasts at the gyms have endorsed the importance of adding eggs to their daily diet after their heavy workouts.

A 30km Cycle rally in Hyderabad city has created widespread awareness about the egg being a super-food for all ages, the rally received an overwhelming response with great participation by enthusiastic cyclists peddling for the humble egg.

TV shows & Interviews saw Mr. Suresh highlighting how eggs have been recognized as a protein powerhouse for many years as they contain the highest quality protein naturally available. Eggs are playing a significant role in the eradication of malnutrition around the world, thanks to their affordability combined with their nutrient density, helping to dramatically improve the health outcomes of children in nutritionally vulnerable areas. The egg offers a host of unique benefits in our diets and plays a valuable role in supporting the growing global population.

The local Radio promotions made a buzz about eggs offering a healthy and sustainable source of essential nutrients needed for all stages of life. Containing the majority of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants required by the human body, eggs are often referred to as natures wonder food.

Egg are the world’s most versatile Ingredient. The World Egg day special cookery shows have highlighted how the eggs are a serious power ingredient in the kitchen. Many famous egg recipes have been shared making the egg the star of every meal.

The IEC Chairman, Suresh Chitturi led an insightful live webinar connecting with health experts Dr. Lakshmi Lavanya and Dr. Anvesh Reddy, who shared the knowledge and experience with participants across a variety of key and relevant contemporary topics on increasing the awareness and importance of the eggs for all ages from toddler to older adults and how egg being a great saviour by helping boost immunity during the pandemic for the corona patients. The participation was highly engaging and interactive with the audience getting to know many important facts about the egg from the expert panel. Suresh’s presentation highlighted the importance of increase in egg consumption, and how egg plays an important role in preventing malnutrition, stunting and other growth issues in children. He also emphasised how egg plays an important role in the diet from toddlers to the older adults. Worldwide Egg production provides jobs to millions of people and helps in generating income thereby reducing poverty.

The live webinar also hosted an exciting and funfilled Egg Quiz. The participation was overwhelming from the egg enthusiasts across pan India that tested the knowledge, dispelled some of the top myths, and uncovered the real facts on the nutrition and incredible protein food, the eggs. The top quiz winners were presented with gift vouchers.

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