China pledge for transition into a Cage-Free Layer Industry

Many Global Food Businesses and retailers intend to phase out caged eggs from their global supply chains by 2025. The current cage-free egg produced in china is very low. This poses a challenge for global brands to shift to cage-free egg production.

The first formal standard to define what cage-free eggs are, and which eggs and egg products can be marketed as cage-free, has now been released in China. The new national standard on the production, distribution, and sale of cage-free eggs was released in late October by the China Chain Store and Franchise Association (CCFA), the state-affiliated trade group that serves as the official representative of China’s retail industry.

“China is now encouraging egg producers to adopt cage-free systems to produce eggs that are higher in quality,” said Chu Dong, Vice President of the CCFA. “Any egg producers or food companies including retailers, restaurants, FMCG, and hotels that meet the standard after being verified by CCFA will be entitled to mark ‘cage free’ on their packaging or advertising materials.”

It is reported that 70+ food corporations in China now pledged to go cage-free whereas 7 of China’s top 20 egg producers now offer cage-free, or will soon.

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