Kemin Animal Nutrition & Health – South Asia Wins Trio of Awards in Recognition of its Great Workplace

In April, Great Place to Work® Institute recognized Kemin Animal Nutrition and Health – South Asia, as a “Great Places to Work”. The business unit was also honored for its “Commitment to Being a Great Place to Work” because of its three-year streak of receiving this honor, and President R Suresh Kumar was named one of “India’s Best Leaders in Times of Crisis 2021”.

Over the past three years, Great Place to Work® Institute has studied Kemin’s consistent focus on providing a superior experience for employees, commitment to building a great workplace experience, and employee-endorsed efforts. The business unit also takes actions to enhance employees’ workplace experience based on their feedback and encourages transparent communication. This resulted in a substantially improved Trust Index score, measured by the Great Place to Work Institute.

Thank you to all the team members who have been played a role in making Kemin a top-notch workplace with excellent employee experience and inspired engagement. Kemin team members have consistently demonstrated their dedication to Kemin values and servant leadership while serving customers and stakeholders.

​​​​​​​Being recognized for the business unit’s “Commitment to being a Great Place to Work” – an honor received by only a few of more than 700 aspiring organizations – is well-deserved.

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