Venworld (V.H Group) conducted technical seminars in Ajmer & Kurukshetra

Venworld conducted technical seminars in Ajmer & Kurushetra on 8th& 14th December 2021.The speakers were Dr. Prakash Reddy, DGM, Technical Services-All India,Dr. Sunil Nadguada DGM-Technical services ALL India &Dr. H. K. Rohilla DGM-Venco  Technical Services -North India.

Dr. Prakash Reddy highlighted the current disease challenges in poultry and their strategies to control. He started with the lessons to be learnt by the poultry industry from the COVID-19 pandemic, which includes:

  1. The sensitivity of poultry industry to react to rumors, without checking the facts about zoonotic diseases.
  2. Biosecurity: Lockdown (curfew), sealing of State and National borders, Quarantine, Masking, Social distancing etc. to reduce the spread of the virus.
  3. Age resistance.
  4. Susceptible population with co-morbidities complicating the disease condition.
  5. Importance of the next generation diagnostics with respect to accuracy and speed of diagnosis.
  6. Virus variation creating a moving target.
  7. Vaccines and vaccination:
    1. Challenges with the vaccine production and technology.
    1. Herd immunity by vaccination to reduce the spread of the virus and emergence of variants.
    1. Vaccine safety and efficacy.
    1. Limitations of vaccines in preventing the disease, but not infection.
    1. Speed of Vaccination coverage.

Further, correlated the challenges with the poultry corona viruses (Infectious bronchitis virus) variations in India and the novel strategies to control. A comprehensive approach to control Respiratory disease complexes, specially related to control of Mycoplasmas. Lastly, Immunosuppressive diseases related to IBD and CAV were thoroughly discussed during the sessions.

Dr. H. K. Rohilla threw light on “ How to achieve peak and persistent production in broiler breeders” wherein he highlighted the management /nutritional practical tips to be followed in order to prevent the issues faced in various stages of a broiler breeders life viz. Brooding, Growing, Pre-lay and laying phase like:

  1. Tips to maintain proper uniformity of the flock.
  2. Importance of precise feed formulations.
  3. Intussusception issue in growers and preventive measures to be followed.
  4. Precautions to be followed during pre-lay period.
  5. Calcium tetany and its remedy/preventive measures.
  6. Role of ND & IB vaccination in broiler breeders

Dr. Sunil Nadgauda presented on “Optimizing layer nutrition and management for better productivity and profitability”

  1. Essential for good egg production like nutrition, management and health.
  2. Important nutrient consideration for optimizing layer hen productivity.
  3. Regular management practices like feeding, lighting, body weight and uniformity were discussed in detail.
  4. Importance of pullet development and their body weight at point of lay.
  5. Fulfilling precise nutrient requirement is very essential for optimizing production.

Manufacturing of feed in easy and simple way with Venky’s  5% layer composite premix was discussed. Venky’s  5%  Eggxtra layer composite premix helps to optimize cost and improve overall  health and productivity of the laying hens.

Broiler breeder, Layer Customers and technical persons attended the seminar and appreciated the information. Mr. Harjit Padda, DGM, Marketing North Zone welcomed the customers. Mr. Shashibushan Zonal Manager North Zone 3, gave the vote of thanks .All the technical & other sales r team participated in the meeting.

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