“I believe that by 2040, India will achieve 300 per capita eggs consumption” mark : Suresh Rayudu

After 2 years of the Pandemic hitting the nation, the Poultry Federation of India created an opportunity for the Indian Poultry industry to have an “In-person” meet at Aero city, Delhi. Indian Poultry Industry witnessed the 32nd edition of the PFI Symposium at Delhi on 24th December. In the Ballroom full of Industry stalwarts of hotel Pullman’s, Mr. Suresh Rayudu; Chairperson – International Egg Commission and Managing Director- Srinivasa Farms spoke about many aspects of the Global Layer Industry. He said that observing the last few weeks about the consumption the eggs in some states, we have observed “Bigger the circle; more consumption is there” and how children are getting affected by increased egg consumption. He said that 55-60% of Children under 5 years of age are either protein deficient or underweight especially in the country (India) which is going to have the greatest number of youngster population by 2030. The main issue is that if these children are not focused in their first 5 years age of development, their mental capacity may get affected. Mr. Rayudu shared his 7-year-old experience from Andhra Pradesh when Mr. Chandra babu Naidu was then Chief Minister. Mr. Rayudu complained and said that even government has fixed 3 eggs for children but still, they are not getting it, and in the next 4 months they fixed it; 1.5 years later; Mr. Rayudu was preparing the presentation for the Telangana government about the number of eggs in Mid-day Meal, but before any presentation, the government has announced 5 eggs per week in Mid-day meal. Curious about the event; Mr. Rayudu went to meet the secretary and asked how come it happen? Secretary said this is the cheapest and best public health investment we have ever made.

 Mr. Rayudu asked him, how it is converted into a decision. The secretary replied that we focus on the areas where the attendance was fallen to “0”. After some time, we observed that children were coming but not for eggs; Surprisingly they were sent by their parents as they were not falling sick, second; he said that marks were gone up by 15% in the exams. Third; Children’s growth was observed, and it was at a recognizable level. Fourth; Children’s behavioral improvement. Mr. Rayudu asked Curiously “how come this observation was made”? He replied teachers were reporting that children are paying attention in class and asking a question. Before that they said whatever was taught by us; “UNKE SAR MAIN KUCH NAHI GHUS RAHA” but now the difference is visible. Mr. Rayudu said that we are happy to see that Governments are extending this scheme to the tribal children.

He said that in the last 2 years, India has achieved a phenomenal growth of 82-86 eggs per capita per year consumption which is superb. Providing nutritional security and employment to lacs of the people, of which 80-90% comes from a rural area. We cannot miss out on the development of women especially mothers, and in general in the long-term health improvement of the women.

India has currently ranked 3rd in terms of egg production. Its (Poultry Layer) market size is 45,000 Cr. approximately. It has created the most sustainable business model, with a growth of 6-8%, and every egg added increases per capita consumption with 35,000 odd jobs added every year. So we can observe our growth in the last 10 years India on the globe. He said that we all observed what happen in China in the last 25-30 years. We have seen China’s GDP start increasing, parallel growth was seen in per capita egg consumption. So, I believe that by 2040, India will achieve 300 or more per capita eggs consumption. He said that we never had a better time than last 3-4 years in the press about the image of our industry. Science has cleared all the Clouds. Eating 2 whole eggs a day is ok and it is recommended as well. Mr. Rayudu also showed the 2021-2022 scenario as well as the projection observed by them for the next decade about egg consumption globally. He said that we have projected about 160 cr. Egg production in next 2 decades whereas 443 egg per capita consumption is projected to achieve. He said I believe that it will be a lot more because COVID-19 has taught us that metabolic health is most important in terms of internal health and overall immunity of the body. He said that the U.S and Canadian Egg industries also did a phenomenal job done. Canadian industry has grown by 15% in the next 15 years, so they are matching it with their demand. He also talked about production requirements, egg demand, sustainable production systems, pricing of eggs, and make in India.

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