Seasonal Variation in Broiler Production in India and E.C Houses

The body temperature of the bird is considerably 41oC. It is noticed that the feed consumption drops if outside temperature is high and goes up if outer temperature is decreasing. Birds reduce their body temperature by panting. The surrounding environment of the bird get heat up due to panting of birds. The Co2 also emitted along with the heat. The controlled condition could be provided by E.C houses with the totally sealed house.

We all know it that climate has a tremendous effect on the broiler bird. The summer temperature in India go up to 48oC., where as in winter in touches 0oC. The months before the onset of winter temperature and before onset of summer are still worst. The average day time temperature varies between 35oC to 38oC, where in night, in nosedived to 10oC to 13oC. These kind of variation is an invite for various disease organisms. The disease outbreak results in mortality and reduces the growth; hence affecting overall performance.

The open sided houses have comparatively lesser protection from the weather changes. By providing curtains; we can make 4oC to 5oC difference in outer and inner temperatures. The environmentally controlled houses in India, have strong cement concrete floor to avoid vermin. The roofs are insulated to avoid convection. The side curtains are also doubled with insulation. The air movement in the house is controlled by exhaust fans installed at the end of the houses. These houses are perfectly sealed to prevent entry of air except the inlets provided. The cooling pads are provided at the other side of end of the house; opposite to the exhaust fans. During Summer; extra heat is provided by the gas heaters. The close houses need continuous electricity for fans and (controlled) light to work. The over all cost of construction of these houses are comparatively much higher. The bigger houses are more economical to build than less capacity houses. The gross income per year can be increased by 3 times in E.C Houses than conventional open ones. Running cost ; which is of Power and transit stress are main factors to be consider, besides the cost of construction. Mostly, Automatic feeding system is used in these houses which take over once the feed is delivered into the bin , the automatic nipple drinking system which does not require manual cleaning and a electronic supervisor to operate the fans considering the temperature and the air movement in the houses. So these are the main factor for switching your house from conventional to Environmentally controlled.

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